About me

Welcome to my Porfolio


On this webpage I share everything that I craft or draw.


First some general Information:

-You can leave comments everywhere on this page and please feel free to ask any question that you might have, I´d love to answer them ;) as an alternative you can send me a message at contact.

-You can enlarge every picture with a click.

-I am also on Instagram, you can follow me there, to see my latest projects.


Now a little bit of information about me.


My name is Marleen, I am 19 years old and I am living in Austria, near the capitol Vienna.

I graduated this summer and will attend a school for fashion, starting this semptember.

In my former school I´ve learned English(so please excuse any grammar mistakes)  and bits of Italian, but my mother tongue is German (so you can write me or comment in German too)


Last but not least my creative backstory:


I draw and make "Fashion-Illustrations" since I was a little girl,  I taught me everything myself, when I began to draw in Photoshop my Hobby became more serious, I thought a lot about attending an art or fashion school, but in the end I decided not to. Instead I chose a school for toursim, so I can graduate there, without the risk of losing the Passion for Fashion.


But when I was 15, I came to the desicion, that just drawing wasn´t enough for me, I wanted to bring my ideas to life, which lead me to learn easy crafts and different techniques of jewelry making. Three years later, when I was 18 i began to sew my first clothes, well first i just altered them^^

In the last half year, around my 19th birthday, since my love for fantasy,history and vintage is steadily growing, I realised, that I want to sew and craft for my living, my Goal is to become a costume designer or establish my own company.